giovedì 8 gennaio 2015



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  1. Pas si simple ! CH avait voulu interdire le FN lorsque celui-ci a atteint 10% des votes ; il ne défend la liberté d'expression que pour la bien-pensance politiquement hyper-correcte (pas Dieudonné, pas Siné, etc).

    Tt cela est tellement éclatant que le FN est crédité désormais de 30%, grâce à ces cons. (Aïe, Google va-t-il censurer ce mot ?)

    Je profite de ce petit poste pour redire GRAZIE CHARLES !

    Rémi Pelletier (Termineur)

  2. Une chose curieuse c'est que ils ont plus d'agents de l'NSA qu'experts informatiques à l'interieur mais ils pensent (???) comme soldats de l'Isis
    Connais tu quelques bon hosts au lieu de Google pour tranfèrer ce blog?
    J'ai dejà fait le back-up pour aller loin de ces obtuses reliques du Moyen Age.
    Merci beaucoup pour ton soutien ;-)

    1. (quelle langue préfères-tu ?) Yesterday I wanted to send a mail to my usual correspondents, about G & the Censure. This mail was blocked by G for each & every person who had a gmail address !
      I repeated the try twice, having each time suppressed some links. Same result. Perhas they just block the association of words 'G.... censure' (the mail was written in Fr).

      Unfortunately, since I don't blog myself, I've thought of no other idea (after looking in vain around g requests like 'uncensored blog hosting') than trying something in Russia. Why Russia ? Because the forbidden (in W Europe) videos of Revisionnists (or Negationists like Reynouard, who claims to be a Nazi...) are findable on russian sites.

      Perhaps this page could help you ?

      I've got plenty of free time & I would gladly help if you could ask me some relatively precise tasks.

      Bien cordialement,
      RP=T (Termineur à (hihi) Gm...c)

      If you decide to use direct mailing, I'll give you my real mail address.

    2. Ti ho scritto :

      Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2015 23:29:43 +0100
      To: Charles D

      Forse il corriere è andato nel spam ?!?

  3. Thank you Termineur, that list of hosts is great!.
    Send me an email at , so I'll have your address.
    Transfering the blog won't be a long work 'cause it's not possible to move the images positioning them in the right place. So the new mirror-blog won't have any in the beginning and the .xml file will be very small. As for the covers I'm moving at this moment, I'm not in a big hurry. But thank you for you kind offer.